Physics in the Field - Top Five Favourite Tricks

Welcome to the physics in the field top tricks countdown chart. Our buskers have more than a few tricks up their sleeves, but they’ve been narrowing them down to their top five faves. Now the tears and temper tantrums are over, it’s time to reveal the winners.

You can watch videos of the triumphant tricks and find out how to perform them yourself to wow your mates. We’ll also take you backstage to uncover the science behind the tricks and show you how they relate to your everyday life.

Find out if our physics buskers are coming to an event near you this summer.

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number 1

Amazing Marshallows

Expanding sweets are always a hit with us, which is why we awarded these amazing marshmallows the much coveted top spot in our five favourites.

number 2

Tame Tornado

Deservedly getting our number two spot is the impressive Tame Tornado. Try it yourself and make a beautiful swirling vortex at home.

number 3

Cartesian Diver

Investigate the physics behind a seemingly magical trick with our Cartesian Diver in at number three.

number 4

Straw Oboe

Find out how to transform a humble drinking straw into a musical instrument with this new entry at number four.

number 5

Waterproof Hanky

Do your friends trust you enough to sit still while you hold a whole glass of water upside down over their heads? Test their faith with this classic trick.

glass of water

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