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Addictive physics games

Four online games to get you hooked into physics.

1. Fe[26] Rated: 3/5 by users


Fuse your way to iron. Be careful, there's one element you should avoid!

2. CMBR Rated: 5/5 by users


Based on the addictive 2048 game, join the objects and get to the edge of the observable universe!

3. Particle Clicker Rated: 4/5 by users

Particle Clicker

Particle Clicker is a game about running your own particle physics laboratory. Hire PhD student, post-docs and even Nobel winners!

4. Super planet crash Rated: 5/5 by users

Super planet crash

Drop planets around a star and see how long they last. Score points by placing the planets in the habitable zone. Can you make your solar system last 500 years?

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