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Study - Solar System

Our best links about stars and our solar system. Covering our sun, the lifecycle of stars, the planets in our solar system and orbits

1. Here comes the Sun Rated: 3/5 by users

Here comes the Sun

Everything you wanted to know about the sun and seasons.

2. The Science of Stars Rated: 2/5 by users

The Science of Stars

This site from the BBC gives comprehensive information on stars: why they twinkle, what happens inside a star and more.

3. Life cycle of a star Rated: 3/5 by users

Life cycle of a star

The different stages of a star's life.

4. Welcome to the Planets Rated: 4/5 by users

Welcome to the Planets

A site containing lots of images of the planets in the solar system and the machines used to take the pictures. This site also contains a comprehensive glossary of space terms.

5. Gravity and Orbits Rated: 3/5 by users

Gravity and Orbits

A simulation to show how gravity affects orbits

6. Solar system exploration Rated: 5/5 by users

Solar system exploration

This NASA site tells you all there is to know about exploring our solar system. With information on all the planets and missions past, present and future.

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