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Weird physical phenomena

The laws of physics can create some strange surprises. Here are our favourites.

1. The Leidenfrost Effect (video) Rated: 3/5 by users

The Leidenfrost Effect (video)

The Leidenfrost effect explains why water sometimes 'rolls' off a hot plate or frying pan, and how some experts can dip their hands into liquid nitrogen or even molten lead without hurting themselves

2. The Brazil Nut Effect Rated: 4/5 by users

The Brazil Nut Effect

Why do raisins always rise to the top of cereal pack? It's the Brazil nut effect.

3. The Mpemba Effect Rated: 5/5 by users

The Mpemba Effect

The Mpemba Effect is a bizarre phenomenon where hot water freezes faster than cold water. This site gives a basic introduction to the ideas involved.

4. The Hot Chocolate Effect Rated: 4/5 by users

The Hot Chocolate Effect

If you stir a freshly poured cup of instant coffee or hot chocolate, the sound of your spoon clinking against the side of the cup rises in pitch. Why?

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