Physics in sport

From bungee jumps to the super fast swimsuits, find out about the role that physics plays in sport.

1. Science and Technology in Sport Rated: 1/5 by users

Science and Technology in Sport

A BBC mini site examining the role science and technology play in sport, from treating athletes' injuries and building Olympic stadiums to drug testing.

2. Sport Science Rated: 3/5 by users

Sport Science

The science behind a selection of sports from surfing to cycling - the physics behind their operation and the equipment they use.

3. Popular Mechanics - Sport Rated: 2/5 by users

Popular Mechanics - Sport

Excited about the Olympics? This site tells you the latest news about the science in sport, from the perfect pole-vault to the latest gadgets.

4. Aerodynamics in sport Rated: 3/5 by users

Aerodynamics in sport

How aerodynamics influence the flight of a boomerang, the shape of a racecar and more.

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