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Superconductivity just celebrated its 100th birthday. We find out what's so special about it.

1. About Superconductivity Rated: 2/5 by users

About Superconductivity

Useful pages about superconductors and their various applications including maglev trains, particle accelerators and MRI scanners.

2. Superconducting levitation Rated: 3/5 by users

Superconducting levitation

A collection of videos showing how superconductivity can be used to levitate a magnet - also known as the Meissner effect.

3. Superconductivity Rated: 5/5 by users


A fun interactive site presenting a general overview of superconductivity including current research and applications, with animations and videos.

4. A brief history of superconductivity Rated: 1/5 by users

A brief history of superconductivity

This introductory article gives you all the background on superconductivity, how it was discovered and its use for power supply.

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