Web awards shortlist - Best kids site

Here are the 5 sites shortlisted for the physics.org web awards in the Best kids site category.To vote for your favourites, click the links and give each site a star rating using the tool bar. Please note: the order in which the sites are displayed below is not representative of their current ranking.

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1. CERNland Rated: 5/5 by physics.org users


A great interactive site all about CERN and the LHC. Explore the world's biggest particle accelerator, play games and watch videos.

2. The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits Rated: 3/5 by physics.org users

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

Get to grips with electric circuits in this fun and interactive tutorial.

3. Physics Games.net Rated: 3/5 by physics.org users

Physics Games.net

A site bursting at the seams with great games for kids and adults alike - but don't blame us if you get addicted!

4. Physics Central Rated: 4/5 by physics.org users

Physics Central

Physics Central offers news, games, blogs, podcasts, videos, experiments to try at home and information on all different areas of physics. Don't miss it!

5. NASA Kids' Club Rated: 4/5 by physics.org users

NASA Kids' Club

Interested in space? Current news on Space Shuttle missions, info on space technology, history, and space related activities for children.

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