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Web awards shortlist - Best Q&A site

Here are the 5 sites shortlisted for the web awards in the Best Q&A site category. To vote for your favourites, click the links and give each site a star rating using the tool bar. Please note: the order in which the sites are displayed below is not representative of their current ranking.

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1. The Last Word Rated: 2/5 by users

The Last Word

A community site from New Scientist where users can ask the questions that have been puzzling them and debate the answers.

2. Physics Forums Rated: 5/5 by users

Physics Forums

A busy forum covering every physics topic under the sun. Great for everything from homework questions to discussing the origins of the universe.

3. Ask the Van Rated: 3/5 by users

Ask the Van

The Physics Van is a project from the University of Illinois. Their site has a fantastic question and answer archive covering all aspects of physics at a simple level, with new answers added every few days.

4. Curious about Astronomy? Rated: 4/5 by users

Curious about Astronomy?

Got a pressing question about astronomy? With over 10 years worth of answered questions in their archive and a panel of astronomers on hand, the answer you're after can't be far away.

5. MadSci Network Rated: 1/5 by users

MadSci Network

Scientists respond to questions posed by students and general public. Use the search function to find whatever you're after.

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