Our favourite space blogs

The universe is a big place, but these blogs are a great place to start exploring.

1. Orbiting Frog Rated: 4/5 by physics.org users

Orbiting Frog

The Orbiting Frog blog is run by Robert Simpson, keen to share his passion for astronomy.

2. Bad astronomy Rated: 4/5 by physics.org users

Bad astronomy

A very regularly updated blog written by astronomer Phil Plait, commenting on current affairs in all things astronomical, and on the misuse of science.

3. NASA blogs Rated: 3/5 by physics.org users

NASA blogs

This page brings together posts from all the NASA bloggers, from astronauts to researchers studying polar ice.

4. Starts with a Bang Rated: 5/5 by physics.org users

Starts with a Bang

In this blog, theoretical astrophysicist Ethan Siegel covers a broad range of topics from dark energy to what our galaxy smells like.

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