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Which of these is not possible with a smartphone?

The correct answer is
`X-ray vision´.

There is currently no app that can give you X-ray vision – besides, the safety concerns of high intensity radiation would prove a major barrier in making this a reality. Seeing through walls may not be possible but seeing around corners and measuring brainwaves can both be done with a smartphone.

500,000 apps and counting.
Thank physics for that.


An appetite for apps

Smartphone users have downloaded over 15 billion apps between them. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a taste of the best physics related apps, from the weird and wonderful to the purely practical.

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Signals in the air

Bluetooth is named after viking King Harald 'Bluetooth' Gormsson, ruler of Denmark and then Norway in the 10th century. Find out about wireless communication and the inventions that made phones mobile.

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Banana phone

More ionising radiation is emitted by a banana than by a mobile phone. Find out why bananas are the most radioactive fruit and see what physics has to say about mobile phones and your health.

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RIP desktop computers

By 2014, more people will connect to the internet using mobile devices than desktop computers. The smartphone is definitely here to stay. Say hello to the new innovations shaping the mobile gadgets of the future.

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How many cassettes would you need to tape 32GB of music?

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Have Lindsay Lohan, bears & comets all been tracked by GPS?

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Think talking on the phone can’t match human contact? Meet the Hug Shirt, the cuddliest piece of technology out there.

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Forget chargers - how would you like your phone to be powered in 10 years’ time?

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