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True or False? Lindsay Lohan, polar bears and Halley’s comet have all been tracked using GPS.

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The correct answer is `False´.

Halley’s comet cannot be tracked by GPS as it is out of range of the GPS satellites. Besides, getting a GPS tracker onto the comet could prove quite tricky! Lindsay Lohan and polar bears have both been tracked by GPS (though not in the same place at the same time).

Pinpoint your location in seconds.
Thank physics for that.


A question of timing

Time moves faster for a GPS satellite than for you on Earth. If our GPS devices didn’t correct for this time difference, they would be inaccurate by up to 10km after just one day.

Find out how GPS satellites show Einstein was right.

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Solar strike

Solar flares can release energy equivalent to one hundred billion nuclear bombs. These giant explosions on the surface of the Sun can have disastrous consequences for GPS satellites.

Find out how the Sun could put a halt to your satnav.

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Future satnavs

Every year, UK drivers file 300,000 insurance claims blaming satnavs. Find out how new satnav technology could lead to more helpful directions and fewer distracted drivers.

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Dodging junk

Several million pieces of space junk are orbiting the Earth, some travelling ten times faster than a high powered rifle bullet. Find out where space junk comes from and how we can protect our satellites.

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