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Widespread warning as Hurricane Sandy approaches US east coast.



Hurricane Sandy is predicted to cause "life threatening" damage as it heads towards the east coast of the USA

Italian scientists convicted for failing to warn of earthquake risks


6 Italian scientist have been convicted of manslaughter for failing to adequate communicate the risk of an earthquake.

Earth sized exoplanet found around nearest star

Credit: ESO


An Earth sized exoplanet has been found orbiting our nearest star, Alpha Centauri

Supersonic descent achieved for daredevil

Credit: Red Bull Stratos


Felix Baumgartner has broken the record for the highest skydive travelling at supersonic speeds.

SpaceX Dragon delivers cargo

Credit: NASA


SpaceX Dragon has become the first commercial company to deliver cargo to the international space station.

Nobel Prize for Physics awarded for work in quantum optics


Serge Haroche and David Wineland win the Nobel Prize for Physics for the research into the field of quantum optics

New radio telescope starts up


Australia has open up a new radio telescope, formed of 36 antennae.

Hubble captures Extreme Deep Field Image

Credit: NASA


Hubble has produced an even deeper view of the universe, peering back further in time.

Buddist Statue is from Space


An iron statue of a Buddist God has been confirmed to be made from an asteroid.

Sun-Earth distance is finalised

Credit: Flickr/iboy


The distance between the Earth and the Sun, or astronomical unit (AU), has been finalised by the International Astronomical Union

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