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Our pick of the latest physics stories from around the world wide web.

ITER design decision confirmed

Credit: EFDA,JET


A critical part of the ITER's designs was finally approved, although the project is still behind schedule.

Giant quasar group found

Credit: NASA


A giant quasar group has been discovered. It is 3 times as big as the biggest object in the universe and challenges Einstein's cosmological principle.

Inflatable space capsule to be tested


A lightweight space capsule is being developed to be tested in 2015 on the ISS that could lead to a wave of new designs.

Galaxies collide to make biggest spiral galaxy

Credit: NASA


The largest spiral galaxy has been imaged, and is expected to have results from a collision between two galaxies.

Billions of Earth-sized planets in our galaxy

Credit: NASA


Results from the Kepler satellite show 1 in 6 stars have a earth-sized planet in orbit.

New type of Martian meteorite found


A Martian, meteorite different to any previously found, has been uncovered in Morocco.

River found on Titan

Credit: NASA/JPL–Caltech/ASI


A river of hydrocarbons has been found on Saturn's moon Titan.

Two satellites to crash into the moon


Two NASA satellites are going to be crashed into the moon to study its interior.

Sir Patrick Moore dies

Credit: flickr/sermoa


Astronomer and TV personality Sir Patrick Moore has passed away, aged 89.

Full scale of Moon bumps shown



The Grail mission has released a detailed map of the moon showing the extent of the bombardment experienced by the moon.

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