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"Most Earth-like planet yet"


Kepler has spotted what scientists are calling the "most Earth-like planet yet".

New moon for Saturn?


A new moon may have formed from part of Saturn's rings

NASA to test new landing system for Mars


A new landing system for Mars is being tested, taking inspiration from the Hawaiian puffer fish.

Worlds "needs Plan B"


The IPCC says the world needs a Plan B to address climate change because of a lack of political movement.

Europe launches Earth mapping satellite


The Sentinel-1a spacecraft has been launched to map Earth's surface using radar.

Ocean found on Enceladus


Gravity measurements from Cassini point to an ocean on Enceladus.

Key findings on the IPCC climate change report


The new report highlights areas becoming affected by climate change from food production to weather.

Asteroid with rings


Astronomers have detected signs that they have spotted an asteroid with rings.

Rosetta switches on


The Rosetta probe has turning on its instruments after hibernating for almost three years.

Universe started with period of inflation


Scientists have found evidence that the universe underwent a faster-than-light expansion early on.

Sonar cloaking device


Scientists have made object invisible to sound.

New gases pose threat to ozone


Four new man made gases are attacking the ozone layer.

Physics of cowboy's tricks revealed


A physicist has figured out the formula for the famous flat loop for lasso.

Northern Lights illuminate the UK


A recent coronal mass ejection led to some great pictures of aurora across the UK.

Meteorite spotted crashing into the moon


A half tonne meteorite was spotted crashing into the moon and was bright enough to be seen from Earth.

Most precise measurement for electron mass


The most precise measurement of the mass of an electron has been made by scientists in Germany.

Asteroid due for close graze


A 270m wide asteroid is due to come with 3 miles of the Earth.

Net energy out from laser fusion


The National Ignition Facility has successful used laser fusion to extract energy more than was put in.

Astronomers view the oldest star in the universe


Astronomers have captured an image of a star from 13.6 billion years ago.

New impact crater spotted on Mars


New images from HiRise has spotted a fresh crater on Mars.

Wireless graphene circuit a step closer


A new type of circuit based on graphene, capable of operating wirelessly, has been made by researchers at IBM.

Detailed gravity map


The latest gravity map of the Earth has been released.

Coca Cola calls for climate change action


Climate change has affected Coca Cola's ingrediants that it's calling for action on climate change.

Rosetta's wake up call


Rosetta's mission to study a comet is ready to wake up.

Secret of birds' flying V formation revealed


Scientists have revealed why it's more efficicnet for birds to fly in a V formation.

A new type of hypervelocity star found


A new type of hypervelocity star, travelling fast enough to escape the Milky Way has been found.

Black hole show almost set


The black hole at the centre of our galaxy is lining up to engulf a huge cloud of gas.

Spirit turns 10


The rover Spirit celebrates 10 years on Mars.

New disaster monitor tested


A new type of disaster detection service is trialled that uses GPS.

Scientists successfully predict Earthquake


Scientists were able to use monitors to predict the size and time of an earthquake.

China's jade rabbit lands on the moon


China's Jade Rabbit rover lands on the moon and sends back pictures.

Hubble spots Europa spouting water


Hubble has spotted water spouting from Jupiter's moon Europa, raising the possibility of a life searching mission.

NASA is sending salad to the moon.


NASA is sending turnip, cress and basil seeds to the moon to see if they will grow.

Hubble detects water on exoplanets


Hubble has detected signs of water on exoplanets.

Lift off for Jade Rabbit


China's lunar rover has successfully been launched.

ISON makes it through, we think.


It seems as though comet ISON has made it past the sun.

China moon rover set for launch next month


China will be launching their lunar rover 'jade rabbit' next month.

Oldest piece of Mars


Scientist think they have found the oldest piece of Mars on Earth.

Comet ISON brightens


The comet ISON is now visible to the naked eye.

MAVEN set for launch

Credit: NASA


The MAVEN satellite is set for launch on the 18th November and is going to look at why Mars lost its atmosphere.

Stepping up in particle physics


The director general of CERN says we'll need to build a machine four times as powerful as the LHC to probe the answers to the conondrum of dark matter.

Potential for two billion habitable planets in our galaxy


There could be two billion Earth-like planets with water in our galaxy, says latest study.

Mars One test mission by 2016


Mars One will launch a test mission to Mars by 2016.

World's most powerful MRI scanner gets ready


A new MRI scanner capable of seeing inside the body with ten times more detail than normal is almost ready.

Solar system found with 7 exoplanets


A solar system containing 7 exoplanets has been found.

India set to become fourth space agency to reach Mars


India will launch an orbiter towards Mars next week.

Meteorite raised from Russian lake


Part of the suspected meteorite that exploded over Chelyabinsk earlier this year was recovered from a lake.

Diamond rain on Jupiter and Saturn


Scientists have calculated it rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter.

Wandering planet found

Credit: NASA


A lonely planet unattached to any star has been detected by astronomers.

Maven mission to search for missing water


The Maven mission has been given emergency exemption from the US shutdown and will be launched next month.