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Marvin and Milo

Explore physics the exciting way, by trying out a simple and fun experiment. This month, Electric Slime Don't forget to check back next month for the next edition...

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What you need


A round biscuit tin (or similar container)

A ramp or slope

A lump of plasticine



  1. Attach a large-fist-sized lump of plasticine to the inside of the wall of the tin at the seam and put the lid on.
  2. With the seam facing upwards but towards the top of the slope, put the tin on its side at the bottom of the slope and hold it in place. 
  3. Let go

Results & explanation

The weight of the plasticine creates a turning force on the tin that levers it up the hill when you let go, and makes it look as though you're defying gravity.


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