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Marvin and Milo

Explore physics the exciting way, by trying out a simple and fun experiment. This month, Electric Slime Don't forget to check back next month for the next edition...

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What you need

An old CD

A sports cap from a drinks bottle

Blu Tack

A balloon


  1. Place the sports cap in the centre of the cd and fix it in place with the Blu Tack.
  2. Blow up the balloon and, making sure the sports cap is closed, pull the open end of the balloon over the cap.
  3. Place your hovercraft on a flat surface and open the sports cap.  Give it a quick tap and watch your hovercraft go!

Results & explanation

The air rushes out of the balloon and through the cap, lifting the cd up on a cushion of air.  The air reduces the friction between the cd and surface it’s on so the hovercraft can travel a surprising distance before stopping.


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