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Marvin and Milo

Explore physics the exciting way, by trying out a simple and fun experiment. This month, Electric Slime Don't forget to check back next month for the next edition...

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What you need

Marvin says, "Hey Milo, let's do some chicken impressions'

  1. a plastic cup or yoghurt pot
  2. a damp cloth
  3. smooth string
  4. pencil or biro


  1. Make a hole in the bottom of a plastic cup with a pencil or biro
  2. Cut a length of string, thread it through the hole, and tie a knot in the end inside the cup to stop it from slipping back through the hole.
  3. Take the damp cloth and hold it tightly around the string. Now pull the cloth firmly along the string to hear the cup cluck.

Results & explanation

Pulling the cloth along the string makes it vibrate and produce a faint sound. But the cup and air around it also vibrate so the sound is amplified enough for us to hear it.

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