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Explore physics the exciting way, by trying out a simple and fun experiment. This month, Laser Slinky Don't forget to check back next month for the next edition...

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What you need


Metal slinky

Disposable cup

Sticky tape




Turn the cup upside down so that the base is facing you

Carefully use the scissors to make a small hole in it. Ask a friend to help

Insert about 3 cm of the slinky through the hole in the cup and stick it in place using sticky tape

Hold the cup the right way up and let the slinky drop. Tap the bottom of the slinky and it'll make laser noises!

Results & explanation

Slinkies make sound because they vibrate when they stretch out, making the air around them vibrate. Both the cup and the air inside it vibrate with the vibrations of the slinky. These build up, and the sound gets louder. This is called amplification.


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