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Our judges will be asked to score shortlisted sites on the following criteria as applicable.

1. Physics content

Above all, we want the physics on the sites we reward to be engaging and appropriate for a wide audience.

Questions to consider:
•    Is the physics-related information presented on this site interesting and or useful?
•    Did you find out anything new?
•    Does it make good use of appropriate content types eg text, video, sound, games?
•    Is there too much information or not enough?
•    Is the content accurate and up to date?

2. Entertainment value

Entertainment value is what makes a site enjoyable and interesting, more than just informative.

Questions to consider:
•    Is this site fun?
•    Does it present an original or unusual take on physics?
•    Would it encourage uninitiated visitors to take an interest in physics?

3. Design, structure and ease of use

Visual appeal and technical aspects of the site do not necessarily draw attention to themselves, but make for a seamless experience.

Questions to consider:
•    Does the site look attractive?
•    Is it easy to find what you want and navigate from one part of the site to another?

4. Interactivity

Interactivity is what makes the web different from other media such as print or TV - the best websites take advantage of this. This could be via the use of a comments section, games, polls, ratings, searches, quizzes or anything else that requires your input.

Questions to consider:
•    Does this site encourage you to be an active participant?

5. Overall experience

A website is more than just the sum of its parts. Overall experience is the summing up of your thoughts about the site.

Questions to consider:
•    Did you like the site?
•    Would you come back or recommend it to someone else?

More information on:
•    How it all works: Nominations, shortlisting, judging and public voting
•    Eligibility and category definitions
•    Our judges

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