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The web awards aim to reward the best physics-related sites and online content suitable for a general public audience. All sites and content must be in English.

Please see below for further details of the requirements that must be met for the different categories.

You may also want to have a look at our judging criteria to get a better idea of what our judging panel will be looking for.

If you have any questions, please email

1. Best blog

Contenders for this category must be regular (at least one post weekly on average) blogs by an individual, group of individuals or organisation. At least half of blog posts need to be physics-related. Blogs may be hosted by a larger site. 

2. Best news site / online magazine

This category rewards sites offering physics news and opinion-based articles. The whole site does not need to be about physics, but it should contain a substantial proportion of physics items.

3. Best podcast

Nominees for this category must be ongoing series of downloadable podcasts, featuring physics items in at least half of podcasts. There should be a new podcast at least once a month.

4. Best  Q&A / ask the expert site

These are sites where users can submit questions to be answered by an expert in the relevant field, with past questions generally available to browse. Sites can be specific to one area of physics or be more general. If the site is not entirely physics focussed, there must be a sizeable physics section.

5. Best revision site

This category seeks to reward sites providing notes, revision tips, tests etc suitable for secondary school physics revision (eg GCSE or A-level - although not necessarily UK-curriculum focussed). In short, a one stop shop to exam success!

6. Best kids’ site

Any physics site (or subsection of a bigger site) suitable for under-12s can be nominated for his category. We’re looking for something fun, interactive and appealing.

7. President’s prize

Entries for this category can be anything that doesn’t fit into the categories above… Extra marks for originality!

More information on:
•    How it all works: Nominations, shortlisting, judging and public voting
•    Judging criteria
•    Our judges

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