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Did you know?

A selection of interactive websites and games that show the physics that's all around you, from cups of tea to kung fu.

See the world differently

Find out how physics has given us a whole new point of view.

Physics to go videos

A selection of video clips demonstrating physics experiments

Time Twins

Fight off aliens to save your twin brother in this Einstein Year game...

Know how now

The physics behind a series of amazing facts

Physics Life

Explore the physics all around you with this animated cartoon street...

Great Relativity Show

A fabulous animated presentation of Einstein's ideas.

Aunt Sally's video

Aunt Sally's video

Kung Fu Science

A cool site that reveals the physics behind martial arts.

Physics Evolution

Use the interactive map to uncover the stories behind the great ideas.

Moon Watch

Help astronomers improve the accuracy of the lunar calendar by getting out and observing the new ...

Inside Story

Explore the human body and have a go at treating diseases using physics.

Food Physics

What has physics got to do with as pint of Guinness or a cup of tea? Find out here.

Thank Physics

Find out how physics has changed the world.

Cheers, Physics!

The Physics of Beer and Brewing


A bold new exploration between physics and art.

Creative Physics

Get crafty with physics

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