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Control your own plasma experiment

Remote Glow Discharge Experiment

Get hands on with this experiment you can change over the internet.


How big is the universe?

How Big Is The Universe?

Delightful animation about the size of the universe.


Multiwavelength universe

Multiwavelength Universe: Online Activity

Test your knowledge of what the universe looks like at different wavelengths.


Addictive physics gamesCheck out all Top 4s

  • Fe[26]

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    Fuse your way to iron. Be careful, there's one element you should avoid!

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    Hits: 7159 Rated: 3/5 by users

  • CMBR

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    Based on the addictive 2048 game, join the objects and get to the edge of the observable universe!

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    Hits: 5027 Rated: 3/5 by users

  • Particle Clicker

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    Particle Clicker

    Particle Clicker is a game about running your own particle physics laboratory. Hire PhD student, post-docs and even Nobel winners!

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    Hits: 6534 Rated: 3/5 by users

  • Super planet crash

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    Super planet crash

    Drop planets around a star and see how long they last. Score points by placing the planets in the habitable zone. Can you make your solar system last 500 years?

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  • The Nine Planets

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    The Nine Planets

    Extensive overview of our solar system, covering history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of planets, moons, asteroids in our solar system, with many links.

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    Hits: 7270 Rated: 5/5 by users

  • Why is the Sky Blue?

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    Why is the Sky Blue?

    A short and simple description to a common question - Why is the Sky Blue? - The blue color of the sky is a result of sunlight passing through and interacting with the atmosphere.

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    Hits: 3548 Rated: 5/5 by users

  • CERNland

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    A great interactive site all about CERN and the LHC. Explore the world's biggest particle accelerator, play games and watch videos.

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    Hits: 16398 Rated: 5/5 by users

  • How Laser Printers Work

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    How Laser Printers Work

    A brief description of how Laser Printers work, including some historical accounts. From

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    Hits: 5676 Rated: 5/5 by users

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