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Control your own plasma experiment

Remote Glow Discharge Experiment

Get hands on with this experiment you can change over the internet.


How big is the universe?

How Big Is The Universe?

Delightful animation about the size of the universe.


Multiwavelength universe

Multiwavelength Universe: Online Activity

Test your knowledge of what the universe looks like at different wavelengths.


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  • How Odometers Work

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    How Odometers Work

    A brief description of how Odometers work to measure car mileages. This site is part of Marshall Brain's Mechanical and computerized odometers are explained.

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  • Transistorized

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    Transistorized - produced by the American Institute of Physics provides an interactive and detailed look at the development of the transistor from 1896 to the present day, and beyond.

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  • Physics at CERN

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    Physics at CERN

    Read about the areas CERN is researching from dark matter to supersymmetry to black holes.

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  • Temperature and Absolute Zero

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    Temperature and Absolute Zero

    When an object feels hot, the atoms inside it are moving fast in random directions, and when it feels cold, they are moving slowly and when it gets cold enough they stop moving - this is called absolute zero.

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