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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

The site explains the basic of the electromagnetic spectrum and the various wavelengths of which it is composed (Radio Waves, Microwaves , Infrared, the Visible Spectrum, Ultraviolet, Gamma Rays, ...

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Compton Scattering

Arthur H. Compton observed the scattering of x-rays from electrons in a carbon target and found scattered x-rays with a longer wavelength than those incident upon the target.

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How cosmic rays help us understand the universe

A short video explaining how cosmic rays can tell us about the universe.

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NASA | What Are Gamma Rays?

A short video from NASA explaining gamma rays.

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Philipp von Lenard

Philipp von Lenard (1861 - 1947) received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1905 for his important work on cathode rays. Lenard's work on cathode rays served as a basis for the development of the ...

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Lord Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett

Lord Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett (1897 - 1974) work was focused on cosmic rays and he helped designed a counter-controlled cloud chamber, a brilliant invention which managed to make cosmic rays ...

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Definition and links to related topics.

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See the universe in range of wavelengths from gamma rays to radio waves.

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Cosmic Rays

Information on the high energy radiation which strikes the Earth from space.

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Information on the electromagnetic radiation from the nucleus as a part of a radioactive process.

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