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Work, Energy, and Power

Comprehensive site about work, energy and power with example questions to check your understanding.


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How MP3 Files Work

A brief description of how MP3 Files work from This gives a clear account of MP3 file technology, not only explaining how it works, but also how to use it productively and ...

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How holograms work

A detailed look at how holograms work from How Stuff Works

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How it works: an electronic cigarette

Find out how these e-cigarettes work.

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How a US Spy Plane Works

Facts & a brief description of how a U. S. Spy Plane works from Links to many related topics e.g How Radar works.

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How a pump works

An article from h2g2 outlining how the principal types of gas and liquid pumps work.

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How Hearing Works

A description of how our ears work from Gegins with an introduction to sound and then goes on to describes the functioning of the ear.

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How Camshafts Work

Explains how the camshaft of a car engine works, with animations. This site is part of Marshall Brain's

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How It Works: A Wiffle Ball Pitch

Scientists work out why wiffle balls are difficult to hit.

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How black boxes work

Explains how the black box recorder of an airplane works. From

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