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White Dwarf Star

Info on this type of star and links to related topics.

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Chandrasekhar Limit

The calculation of the maximum mass of 1.44 solar masses for a white dwarf was done by Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar on a ship on the way from India to England to begin graduate study in physics at ...

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White Noise

White noise is noise whose amplitude is constant throughout the audible frequency range. It is fairly easy to produce white noise - it is often produced by a random noise generator in which all ...

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Newton's prism experiments

A description of the dispersion and recombination of white light by prisms with some historical detail. You can manipulate virtual prisms in and out of a white beam of light (shown as yellow).

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Why are clouds white?

Find out why clouds appear white.

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The natures of the stars

Beginner's information on different types of star from University of Illinois astronomy department. Covers pulsars, supernovae, dwarf stars etc.

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The Fizzics of Guinness

Video about the physics of Guinness, from the falling bubbles to why is the head on beers white.

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Polarization of light

This wave diagram shows how an incident beam of white light is polarised using filters. Includes a thorough description.

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Prism refraction

This colourful ray diagram shows the dispersion of white light by an equilateral triangle prism according to Snell's law. The angle of incidence and width of beam are variable.

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Snowflakes and snow crystals

Hoping for a white Christmas? This site reveals the secrets of snowflakes, ice crystals, and all things frosty.

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