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What to do with a degree in physics

A brief look at the skills your learn from physics and the roles you can do after studying physics

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Physics Central

Physics Central offers news, games, blogs, podcasts, videos, experiments to try at home and information on all different areas of physics. Don't miss it!

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The New Zealand Physics Teachers' Resource Bank

A website with physics demonstration videos that feature New Zealand high school students doing, enjoying, and explaining physics experiments. Bilingual in English and te reo Maori.

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Think Quest / Physics

Very large physics database. Self help question / answer chat room.

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Recommended Physics Reading

A wiki page with a list of general physics books which are accessible

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Physics of Bicycles

A basic site with information on the physics of bikes

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A 1939 Map of Physics

A vintage map of physics, showing how the different area relate to each other.

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Education Guardian - NetClass - Physics

Numerous links to quality websites on almost all physics topics. There is something on this site for all age ranges!

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Insultingly stupid movie physics

From flaming cars to shattering windows, this site puts the improbable physics seen on the silver screen to the test.

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Ask the Van

The Physics Van is a project from the University of Illinois. Their site has a fantastic question and answer archive covering all aspects of physics at a simple level, with new answers added every ...

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