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Voltage Divider

The two resistor voltage divider is used often to supply a voltage different from that of an available battery or power supply. In application the output voltage depends upon the resistance of the ...

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Voltage is electric potential energy per unit charge, measured in joules per coulomb ( = volts).

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Voltage Circuit Simulator

This exercise will help you determine the relationship between voltage (V), amperage (I) and resistance (R). This relationship is called Ohm's Law

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Voltage Law

The voltage changes around any closed loop must sum to zero.

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How to Use a Multimeter: Measuring Voltage

Instructional video on how to use a multimeter to measure voltage.

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Kelvin's Thunderstorm

This site describes how falling water can be used to generate high voltages

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Voltage and current

A good explanation of what are current and voltage?

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The Hall Effect

Mathematics of Hall voltages and measurement of sheet density and mobility of charge carriers.

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Ernest Orlando Lawrence

Ernest Orlando Lawrence (1901 - 1958) invented the cyclotron, a device for accelerating nuclear particles to very high velocities without the use of high voltages.

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RLC applet

An animation to show how the voltage across the components changes in an AC circuit

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