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Thin film interference

About thin film interference, and how it demonstrates that light is a wave.

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Thin film reflection

This applet models resonance and interference effects as waves pass through various layers. There are two modes: Electromagnetic, which models the transmission of light through multi-layer films, and ...

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Why is petrol / oil in water colourful?

An answer from about thin film interference, whic explains why you see rainbow colours in oil.

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Why are butterflies colored?

An explanation of how the brilliant metallic blue of morpho butterflies is created by thin film interference.

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Rainbows in Soap Bubbles

Why do you see rainbows in soap bubbles or on oil and water? Explanation of thin film interference from

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Why do rainbow-like colours appear on the surface of oil?

Non-mathematical explanation of colours seen in an oil film, caused by light interference. Nice diagram and accompanying photograph.

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The site gives an interactive demonstration of interference by using two circular waves to form a constructive interference

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Interference of two Circular or Spherical Waves

Java Applet showing two-source interference, with lines of constructive and destructive interference drawn

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Electron Interference

A well described page explaining electron interference. There is a very good multimedia example of this effect - showing the interference pattern produced by firing electrons through two slits.

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Thin Lens and mirrors

Java applet ray diagram to show image formation with thin lenses or mirrors. The focal length and object distance can be changed.

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