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Fusion vs temperature

Very simple experiment showing the reaction between two nuclei at different temperatures. The temperature is set with a cursor in millions of degrees. The reaction is then played.

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Phase transition temperatures Java Applet

Shows states of different elements at different temperatures

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Color And Stellar Temperature

Dealing with black body radiation and stellar temperature to show the relationship between colour and temperature. Also how temperature is dependant on the energy emitted.

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NPL Beginners' Guide - Temperature

A good overview of temperature, including the history of temperature measurement.

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Temperature Sensors

A very comprehensive site on all aspects of temperature and temperature measurement.

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Heat and temperature

These pages aim at explaining what heat and temperature are, including different ways of measuring temperature and plenty more information.

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Curie Temperature

Brief description of the Curie temperature. Table of Curie temperature provided for various substances.

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Temperature and Thermal Properties

Good revision guide aimed at UK A level standard, covers topics such as temperature scales, heat capacity, gas laws etc.

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Particle Speed And Temperature

Demonstration of how temperature, pressure and volume affects the motion of gas particles in a balloon. NB. You can 'pop' the balloon!!

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The International Temperature Scale of 1990.

Temperature scale information for scientists, meteorologists and calibration engineers. Very technical

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