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Static Electricity

A starter/revision guide to static electricity aimed at UK GCSE level. Includes animated diagrams.

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What is static electricity?

Short illustrated description of the phenomena of static electricity.

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Static Electricity Page

This is a links page to articles and other sites concerned with Static Electricity

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Static Fluid Pressure

Details of how to calculate the pressure exerted by a static fluid.

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Static electricity

A very useful site with numerous links on all aspects of electrostatics.

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Super sparker

Make your own static electricity sparks with this fun experiment to try at home.

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Hair-raising Science (Static Electricity)

Have you ever walked across a carpet and gotten a shock when you touched a doorknob?

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Physics in the sink: Dancing water

Wield the power of static electricity in this experiment to try at home.

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Static Equilibrium

Interesting problem involving centers of masses and the attempt to stack 13 books. Java applet.

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Electric Blue Sparks

How to build various types of home-made static generators. Good for science projects!

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