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Bending sound, the weird path of sound in the ocean

Read about how sound travels in the ocean, the SoFAR channel and one experiment to test how far could you hear a sound underwater.

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Speed of light

Info on the speed of light, and how quickly it travels through water, air or diamond. Also contains a good overview of historical measurements of the speed of light.

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How laser speed guns work

A good explanation of how laser (LIDAR) speed guns are used to measure a car's speed. There are links to related questions.

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How Hypersonic Planes Work

A brief description of how Hypersonic Planes like the X-43A reach 10 times the speed of sound (mach 10). rom

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Introduction to sound

The basics of sound waves, including really useful animations of how sound travels

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Speed of Light

A basic site dealing with the speed and wavelength of electromagnetic waves.

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Sound Propagation

Good clear introduction to sound concepts with diagrams, including why you sound good singing in the shower!

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Air Track Simulator

This applet simulates collisions in one dimension. Users can change variables of mass, elasticity and initial speeds of masses on an air track.

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Newtonian Mountain

Shows cannonball projected off mountain. Different speeds produce different results. I particularly liked the "touch" when the ball completed an orbit and returned to where it left the mountain!

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How the Speed of Light was First Measured

Details of the experiment conducted to determine the speed of light including Ole Römer's observation with an eclipse of Io, Jupiter's moon.

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