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Sound Waves and Music

A tutorial from the Physics Classroom that clearly explains the nature, properties and behaviour of sound waves and music, with good animations.


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What is sound?

A basic explanation of sound: what it is, how it travels, how you characterise sounds (frequency, wavelegth and intensity) and how they are made.

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Art Ludwigs Sound page.

A very detailed site about sounds and acoustics, using the authors room as a case study.

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Halloween Sounds - Screaming Cup

A simple experiment to do on sound. All you need is a large plastic cup, piece of string and some water.

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Sounds Amazing

A nice site designed to help students to understand sound and waves, very well presented. There are acoustic and audio related web demonstrations and experiments.

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Why Do Slightly Opened Car Windows Make That Awful Sound?

Read how changes in air pressure make annoying sounds.

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Energy in the Air: Sounds from the Orchestra

Explores the music made by a symphony orchestra, with historical facts, several sound samples and illustrations for each instrument group.

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Voice Acoustics: an introduction

A comprehensive article explaining how the voice works, looking at how different parts of the body absorb certain sounds to how sound is created by the vocal chords.

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Quality and timbre

Sound "quality" or "timbre" describes those characteristics which allow the ear to distinguish sounds which have the same pitch and loudness.

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Play a Piano / Synthesizer / Oscilloscope

This virtual reality Java piano lets you play the piano and have a little fun while learning the relationship between the sounds, music theory, musical scales, and the underlying math and physics of ...

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