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The Solar wind

A NASA page all about solar wind, including the latest data on the Sun's activity and with lots more information on solar physics.

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How epic solar winds make brilliant polar lights

A summarised view of how the aurora is formed.

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Comets in the Solar Wind

Read how comets behave in the solar wind and why comets have two tails.

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Solar Wind

Explanation of this phenomenon, the flux of charged particles from the sun, and links to related areas.

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More than sunshine

Feature article explain all the different activities of the sun from the solar wind to coronal mass ejections

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When energetic charged particles enter the earth's atmosphere from the solar wind, they tend to be channeled toward the poles by the magnetic force.

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The Earth's magnetosphere

A page about the magnetosphere and its interactions with solar wind.

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Cosmicopia - space science

A wealth of info about the sun, the earth's magnetosphere, space weather, cosmic rays, solar wind etc

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Powering the World

Articles on fossil fuels, hydroelectric, wind, solar and nuclear power. Each is followed by an online multiple choice test. There is some worthwhile material in this site and it would be especially ...

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IMAGE - Auroral science

Information about the earth's magnetic field, solar wind, the magnetosphere, Van Allen belts and space weather from NASA's IMAGE mission.

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