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How Solar Eclipses Work

A brief description of how Solar Eclipses work and the different types of eclipses. Part of Marshall Brain's

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About Solar Eclipses

Lots of information about eclipses : why they happen, explanations of annular, partial and lunar eclipses.

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Solar eclipse

An animation (with explanation) of the sun, moon and the earth, showing the arrangement during a solar eclipse , plus a synchronized view from earth.

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Hermit Eclipse Site

Site dedicated to the solar eclipse of 1999. The parent site has some good descriptions of the mechanics of eclipse of all sorts.

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Eclipses online

Look up solar and lunar eclipses worldwide in this searchable database.

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How to view an eclipse

Practical advice on how to view a solar eclipse including instructions on how to make a pinhole projector.

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Upcoming and recent eclipses of the Sun and Moon

U.S. naval Observatory web page that lists details of recent and future solar and lunar eclipses, including maps and data sheets.

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BrainPOP - Eclipse

A short animated movie and quiz explaining eclipses. This site allows you to watch two movies a day before subscribing.

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Sky & Telescope's Eclipses Page

Here you'll find information about some recent and upcoming eclipses of the Sun and Moon.

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Eclipse Of The Moon

This simple animation show what happens during a lunar eclipse as the moon passes through the shadow of the Earth.

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