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Semiconductor Fundamentals

An explanation of energy bands and semiconductors.

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N-Type Semiconductor

Notes and diagrams on semiconductors. Links through to related sections.

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Hits: 2782

Intrinsic Semiconductor

An introductory page for semiconductors. Very useful as it links to other topics that are involved.

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P-Type Semiconductor

Note with clear diagrams of the theory of semiconductors. Links through to related sections.

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Lexicon of Semiconductor Terms

A comprehensive up-to-date A-Z of semiconductor terminology.

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A thorough review of semiconductors and their properties. An interesting time line is provided as well as some laboratory activities, a glossary and a quiz.

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Hits: 3088

Basic guide to semiconductors

15 pages of modern text book style explanation of semiconductors. Quiz included.

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How Semiconductors Work

A brief description of how Semiconductors and diodes work. Part of Marshall Brain's

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Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics

Very detailed reference material about semiconductor physics, mixed with lots of photographs of Britney Spears! Reference section with links to other sites running java applets. This site is a little ...

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Valence Electrons

Brief description of doping for intrinsic semiconductors in germanium and silicon.

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