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Top Ten Robots That You Never Knew You Wanted

Could a robot do your gardening, replace guide dogs fro the blind or act as a digital scarecrow?

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Robot rights

What rights should sentient robots have?

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Warwick Mobile Robotics

Info on projects under development at the University of Warwick in the field of mobile robotics, from rescue robots to autonomous, flying robots

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Energy Chest

An enjoyable site that teaches about energy using a robot character called Joule.

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What Would R2-D2 Do?

An article looking at how we get more human like interactions with robots

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Blogs and news about the latest robots.

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Rockin' Robots

An introduction to robotics with links to other sites.

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Remote Lab

A site where you can do your own real experiment by using your webbrowser. Experiments involving robots, wind and electrolysis.

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But How Do You Really Feel? Someday the Computer May Know

Great article about current research into robots and computers understanding our emotions.

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Online exhibit about robots, iincluding the history, workings and ethics of robotics.

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