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Einstein Online

A great site about Einstein's ideas with lots of information on special and general relativity, cosmology, gravitational waves, black holes.


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Einstein Light: Einstein's Theory of Relativity

A fantastic interactive introduction to relativity, covering everything from the background to e=mc2 and special relativity.

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Special relativity

A comprehensive introduction to special relativity, the fourth dimension, curved spacetime and general relativity.

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Special relativity

Textbook style pages giving details of the postulates of special relativity, Lorentz transforms, The Twin Paradox, and a history of special relativity.

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General Relativity Tutorial

Introduction to relativity suitable for university level students. Useful links to other sites.

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Relativity for Preschoolers

A look at the way Einstein his papers about relativity in a way that could be understood by children.

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Gate of Time & Relativity

Detailed site that covers the theory of special and general relativity in a concise form.

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Relativity Tutorial

An illustrated introductory guide to relativity covering a wide range of topics. You may need to scroll down a way to find what you want but simply set out.

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The Light Cone - Relativity

this is a very large site about theories of space-time and relativity. There is a lot of information here, presented in a fairly accessible way with good summary tables and illustrations.

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Velocity Raptor in the Lair of Relativity

An interactive flash simulation of special relativity. Your character moves near the speed of light, and you get to see all the strange effects that happen. Abstract physics in a hands-on format.

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