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First particle-antiparticle collider now historic site

The European Physical Society has declared the construction site of the Anello di Accumulazione collider in Frascati, Italy, a significant site in physics history.

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The YUCKIEST Site on the Internet

A site dedicated to the 'yucky' aspects of the world around us. This site has lots of 'disgusting science' entries. As well as information on cockroaches and worms, there are links to many other, ...

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Hermit Eclipse Site

Site dedicated to the solar eclipse of 1999. The parent site has some good descriptions of the mechanics of eclipse of all sorts.

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Your sky map

Excellent site allowing you to customise sky maps for own location and date. Outstanding site: very useful for observing the sky.

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Mr Mallon's Physics site

Wide ranging site aimed at 11-16 year olds by a Scottish teacher.

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The Physics of Levitron

This site, although a commercial site, has an excellent explanation of how levitrons operate prepared by Sir Michael Berry.

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Brain Pop

Fun multimedia site with links to all aspects of science. Good site but requires subscription, although there is a free trial.

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The Invention of the Airplane

A comprehensive searchable site devoted to the history of aviation. The site has an excellent database on aeroplanes.

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The National Schools' Observatory

A useful astronomy site for teachers or the general public. The site contains a moving orrery and the sky on any night selected.

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The Chemical Potential

Site is one of a series relating to advanced level chemistry and physics topics. Very neat site, with many clear links and references in text.

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