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Radioactive source

Description of radioactive activity with definitions and comparison of bequerels and curies.

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Radioactive orchestra thumbnail

The Radioactive Orchestra

Cool project where you can compose your own tunes using music based on the radiation emitted by radioactive isotopes.

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The Law of Radioactive Decay

Java Applet simulating the random decay of 1000 radioactive nuclei, comparing this with the theory

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Hyperphysics - Radioactive Half-Life

Description and graph of radioactive half life with links to related information.

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Can We Dispose of Radioactive Waste in Volcanoes?

This article explores why we can't use volcanoes to get rid of radioactive waste.

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Hyperphysics - Radioactive processes, alpha, beta and gamma

Description of radioactive processes alpha, beta and gamma, including barrier penetration and effect of fields.

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Guide to radioactive waste resources online.

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Information on the electromagnetic radiation from the nucleus as a part of a radioactive process.

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Hyperphysics - Radioactivity

Description of origin and uses of gamma radiation, other radioactive processes, with good links t further info.

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Bananas are radioactive

Short article on why bananas give off relatively high amounts of ionising radiation.

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