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Radio Waves

NASA page all about radio waves and radio astronomy

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Making Waves: The First Woman Radio Astronomer

A review of the book about the first female radio astronomer, Ruby Payne-Scott.

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The Electromagnetic Spectrum

NASA page about electromagnetic waves with descriptions of such waves and their uses.Covers radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet (UV), x-rays and gamma rays.

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Radio Transmission

Even today it seems like magic. You turn on your radio and, somehow, sound sent from a distant radio station fills the room. How does radio transmission work?

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Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell

This a biography of radio astronomer Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell, who discovered the first pulsar (stars that release regular bursts of radio waves) in 1967.

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See the universe in range of wavelengths from gamma rays to radio waves.

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How Digital Radio Works

Satellite radio is poised to change the way we listen to music. Find out how digital radio gets from Earth to satellite to you!. From

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Radio waves and health

A discussion on the possible health implications of using mobile telephones.

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A site from the ThinkQuest competition about light giving brief descriptions of electromagnetic radiation from radio waves and microwaves to x rays and gamma rays.

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Electromagnetic Spectrum

A range of resources on the electromagnetic spectrum and the different types of electromagnectic wave, from radio waves to gamma rays.

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