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Curious about Astronomy?

Got a pressing question about astronomy? With over 10 years worth of answered questions in their archive and a panel of astronomers on hand, the answer you're after can't be far away.


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Fantastic website offering answers to science questions, with a focus on astronomy. Features FAQs, audio interviews and astronomy guides on what to look out for in tonight's sky.


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Basics of Radio astronomy

A downloadable pdf guide explaining what radio astronomy is and what it is used for.

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Radio Waves

NASA page all about radio waves and radio astronomy

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Astronomy and astrophysics on the Web

Links to various telescopes, eg radio, GLAST and other astronomy resources.

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Astronomy Interactive Network

A series of articles about radio and optical astronomy. The site also deals with 'Big Bang' cosmology. The interactive sections include quizzes and games.

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Radio Transmission

Even today it seems like magic. You turn on your radio and, somehow, sound sent from a distant radio station fills the room. How does radio transmission work?

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How Digital Radio Works

Satellite radio is poised to change the way we listen to music. Find out how digital radio gets from Earth to satellite to you!. From

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Melbourne's Astronomy Central

This site aims to provide education resources and general information on astronomy to the public. The sites main emphasis is on teaching astronomy at schools and universities.

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Tuning a radio receiver

This site shows how a radio is tuned using a variable capacitor connected to a simple antenna transformer circuit. Includes a description of reactance equalization.

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