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Quantum biology: Do weird physics effects abound in nature?

Read how biology exploit quantum effects to harness nature.

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Quantum teleportation

This article looks at how teleportation can be reconciled with quantum mechanics, using the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect.

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Quantum Physics

Good revision guide to quantum physics aimed at UK A level, covers topics such as the photoelectric effect,photons and wave-particle duality,

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Photoelectric Effect

An explanation of the photoelectric effect and its implications for quantum physics.

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Quantum Mechanics

Basic theory of quantum mechanics, from origins - photoelectric effect, wave particle duality, via Schrodingers equation to matrix mechanics

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Quantum Made Simple

This website offers animations and applications about basic principles of quantum physics such as duality, spin, metal, lasers and the tunnel effect. The graphics are simple, elegant, and concise. ...

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A program which models the gravitational effects of different bodies in different systems. This program is simple and shows the effect of gravity very well.

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Race to Mars - Known effects of long-term space flights on the human body

Read about the effect of space travel from feeling sick to bone loss and muscle wasting.

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Accelerated Travels

A look at the combined effect on distance from an origin of distance traveled and relativistic effects during accelerated travel.

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Thin film reflection

This applet models resonance and interference effects as waves pass through various layers. There are two modes: Electromagnetic, which models the transmission of light through multi-layer films, and ...

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