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The Physics of Light and Color

An in depth guide to light, optics and colour, covering wave particle duality, reflection, refraction, waves, diffraction, polarisation, birefringence, colour temperature, human perception and more.


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Northern Lights photos

Presentation of pictures, photographs, articles and links related to the Aurora Borealis, or northern lights.

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The Color of Light

What happens when coloured lights are added. An experiment shows the effects of adding red, green and blue. Main site has hundreds of similar useful links with a good search facility.

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How Christmas Lights Work

A brief description of how Christmas Lights work from

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Colored Shadows

An experiment in mixing different coloured lights.

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Could lightning keep the lights on?

Just how realistic is it to try and use lighting as a source of power.

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The CSE Light Tour

The light tour will let you discover information about light in the universe and how astronomers make use of light wavelengths.

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Messing about with Dr Light

Optics experiments with Infra-Red light, light bulbs and liquid crystal post cards.

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How Light Works

A simple introduction to what light is, touching on particle wave duality and other aspects of light. From

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The World of Colour

This site contains a number of shockwave animations showing that you can make pictures using coloured lights and filters.

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