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Photon is the name given to a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation.

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Absorption and Emission

Taking the electron transitions associated with visible and ultraviolet interactions with matter as an example, absorption of a photon will occur only when the quantum energy of the photon precisely ...

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Electroweak Unification

The photon along with the W and Z provide the necessary pieces to unify the weak and electromagnetic interactions.

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Debroglie Wavelength

Suggested by De Broglie in about 1913, the path to the wavelength expression for a particle is by analogy to the momentum of a photon.

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Photon Absorption

Explanation of the absorption of photons in an hydrogen atom and its energy levels. Use of the Bohr and Rydberg equations.

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Advanced Photon Source

The APS is a national synchrotron radiation research facility located at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Photon Emission and Atomic Energy Levels

Information about E=hf and discussion about the energy required by photons to promote electrons to higher levels.

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Single-Photon Computed Tomography (SPECT)

A web site explaining the basics of SPECT. There are no images to view but the site links back to a medical imaging homepage which explains other techniques.

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Atom-Light interactions and lasers

A short page dealing with the atomic explanation of lasers. Although brief and lacking detail there is a good little applet which shows what happens when an excited atom is struck by a photon.

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Planck's Constant and the Energy of a Photon

Physics 2000 tutorial on Planck's constant.

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