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The Earthrise photograph

Read the story behind this picture of the Earth viewed from space, one of the most important photos ever taken.

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Why do rainbow-like colours appear on the surface of oil?

Non-mathematical explanation of colours seen in an oil film, caused by light interference. Nice diagram and accompanying photograph.

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How to Carve Any Photograph Into a Pumpkin

Great instructions on how to carve any photo on to a pumpkin.

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Nova online. Science TV series

A varied site with interesting information, quizzes, photographs and simulations.

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The Tornado Project Online

Information, data and photographs, including a database of past tornadoes, myths and FAQs.

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Physics Lecture-Demonstration Facility

The whole site consists of a huge resource of physics demonstrations, some with movies, many with photographs

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Nuclear files

This site provides information on nuclear weapons and war. Contains some biographies of scientists, photographs of bomb blasts and victims, also some audio clips.

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Emilio Segre Visual Archives

This site has a collection of some 15,000 historical photographs, slides, lithographs, engravings, and other visual materials focusing on American physicists and astronomers of the twentieth century.

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The National Science and Technology Centre in Canberra, Australia offers a good visual site with shockwave illusions in the kids zone and some interesting puzzles (7 bridge problem). Also some ...

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Molecular Expressions Interactive Tutorials

An educational site, the various links lead to demonstrations of phenomena in many areas of physics. An excellent place for clear, colourful animations, photographs, screen savers etc. relating to ...

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