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Photoelectric effect

An account of Einstein's discovery of the photoelectric effect and its implications.

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Photoelectric Effect

An explanation of the photoelectric effect and its implications for quantum physics.

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The Photoelectric Effect

Java Applet simulating a photoelectric effect experiment, measuring current and stopping potential for a variety of metals and monochromatic wavelengths. A sophisticated simulated experiment.

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Photoelectric Effect

The details of this phenomenon were in direct contradiction to the expectations of very well developed classical physics. The explanation marked one of the major steps toward quantum theory.

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Photo Effect

The site is an interactive page to study the photoelectric effect on different materials (sodium, cesium and silver) by changing the wavelength and the intensity of the light.

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Modern and Contemporary Physics

The page gives us a wide range of links on many important topics in current Physics (accelerator, atoms, Fission, Fusion, Photoelectric Effect, Photons etc)

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Quantum Physics

Good revision guide to quantum physics aimed at UK A level, covers topics such as the photoelectric effect,photons and wave-particle duality,

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Robert Millikan

Robert Millikan (1868 - 1953) received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1913 for his work on the elementary charge of electricity and on the photoelectric effect.

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How Smoke Detectors Work

A brief description of how these devices detect smoke, exploring the two most common types used today: photoelectric and ionization detectors. Part of Marshall Brain's Assumes ...

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Quantum Mechanics

Basic theory of quantum mechanics, from origins - photoelectric effect, wave particle duality, via Schrodingers equation to matrix mechanics

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