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About Foucault Pendulums

Find out everything from how Foucault invented the pendulum to why they prove the earth rotates. Very well presented.

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The simple pendulum

Excellent animations proving assorted points about the simple harmonic motion approximation for pendulums.

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Coupled Resonant Pendulums

A simple experiment showing how two swinging pendulums trade energy.

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Hunkin's Experiment - Pendulums

Two experiments to involving pendulums.

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Simple Pendulum simulator. Users can vary amplitude, mass, length and gravity of the system to see how it changes the time it takes the pendulum to swing (period).

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How Pendulum Clocks Work

A brief description of how Pendulum Clocks work. This site is part of Marshall Brain's Nice experiment to show how to make and improve pendulum clocks.

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Amusement Park Physics - Pendulum

Discussion of pendulum fairground rides that act a lot like swings.

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The site gives a displacement of a simple pendulum and the effect it have on motion when displaced.

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Pendulum Physlet

This applet shows the response of a driven pendulum.

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Pendulum Java Applet

The animation is of a simple pendulum. It's length, the acceleration due to gravity and the starting point of the oscillation can be changed.

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