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Non newtonian fluids

Fun article on non-Newtonian fluids and their bizarre behaviour.

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How do non-Newtonian fluids work?

An explanation of how non-newtonian fluids, like cornflour suspensions or ketchup, work.

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Telescope Basics

Introduction to various types of telescopes: Galilean , Newtonian etc.

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Isothropy and Thixothropy

Make cornstarch goo and find out about isothropic and thixothropic (non-newtonian) fluids.

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Anomalous Precessions

The precession of the orbits of inner planets, especially Mercury, cannot be accurately described by Newtonian theory but are in close agreement with general relativity.

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Newtonian Mountain

Shows cannonball projected off mountain. Different speeds produce different results. I particularly liked the "touch" when the ball completed an orbit and returned to where it left the mountain!

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Light and Matter

A set of introductory physics textbooks that can be downloaded free covering Newtonian Physics, Conservation Laws, Vibrations and Waves, Optics, Electricity and Magnetism, Modern physics and general ...

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