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Science of Music

An online exhibition from the Exploratorium museum focussing on music. Find out why your singing sounds so great in the shower or have a go at mixing your own tunes

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Basics in Music Acoustics

A thorough guide to music acoustics, covering general principles but also a detailed look at different musical instruments including the guitar, violin, didgeridoo and human voice.

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Sound Waves and Music

A tutorial from the Physics Classroom that clearly explains the nature, properties and behaviour of sound waves and music, with good animations.


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Team records 'music' from stars

A news article about asteroseismology from the BBC

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Pitch, loudness and timbre

Information and video clips on these concepts in music.

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Missing Fundamental Effect

Information on fundamental frequencies in relation to music.

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X-rays restore lost segment of 200 year old opera

Physicists have used X-rays to reveal music hidden for 200 years.

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Radioactive orchestra thumbnail

The Radioactive Orchestra

Cool project where you can compose your own tunes using music based on the radiation emitted by radioactive isotopes.

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Energy in the Air: Sounds from the Orchestra

Explores the music made by a symphony orchestra, with historical facts, several sound samples and illustrations for each instrument group.

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Geek pop

Geek pop is an annual online festival of music inspired by science. They also have a monthly podcast in which they dissect the science inside songs.

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