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The Hubble Law

Measuring the red shift for several galaxies from spectral lines.

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A brief history of thermometers

A great explanation how Gabriel Fahrenheit, Anders Celsius and Lord Kelvin came to their own conclusions when it came to measuring heat and cold.

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Calorimetry - Measuring Heats of Reactions

Description of some calorimetry methods and calculation examples.

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Measuring Light

How do you measure light levels? A really good introduction to the candela from the National Physical Laboratory.

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Refractometers are measuring instruments which are based on the principle that as the density of a substance rises), it's refractive index rises proportionately.

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Measuring with shadows

A clear description of how to use shadow comparison to compare heights of objects. Plus, an adjustable picture of the shadow formation, with the relevant calculations synchronized.

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Project Spectra!

A great resource with games, worksheets about how light is used to explore the solar system from measuring atmospheres and soils to designing your own planet. Covering many topics such as ...

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De Mora Luminis

Measuring times of the eclipses of Jupiter's moons when Earth and Jupiter were in various positions gave evidence for light traveling at a finite speed. Includes a list of measurements of c made ...

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How do you find planets around other stars? - The Economist explains

A brief explanation how scientists find exoplanets from the radial method, to measuring Doppler shifts to measure drops in the intensity of light from stars.

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Temperature - A Beginner's Guide

A quick guide to measuring temperature and the history of thermometry.

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